Gregg G. Williams is the owner, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Williams International: a leading developer and manufacturer of gas turbine engines and one of the largest privately-owned companies in the aviation industry. 

Williams’ commercial fan jet engines power a large portion of the business and personal jets in production today including the Cessna Citation M2, CJ3 and CJ4, the Pilatus PC-24, and the Cirrus SF50. Nearly 7000 of Williams FJ33 and FJ44 fanjet engines are in service today, amassing over 18 million flight hours of reliable service. The company’s product support organization is consistently rated number one in the jet engine industry throughout Mr. Williams’ tenure as CEO. Williams is also known for being the world leader in the development and production of over 26,000 small, efficient, reliable, low cost engines that power numerous aircraft for unmanned defense applications. 

Mr. Williams earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah. He holds numerous patents related to gas turbine engines, turbo machinery, rocket engines and control systems. One of his more remarkable inventions has enabled the next generation of high Mach, high altitude turbine engines, and has been described by the Chief Scientist of the US Air Force Research Laboratory as “the greatest breakthrough in gas turbine engine technology in over 40 years.” 

Mr. Williams is a board member of the GAMA and has been an avid pilot since the age of 16, holding instrument, multi engine, and sea plane ratings. Mr. Williams recently piloted his company’s FJ44-4 fanjet powered flying test bed demonstrating successful operation throughout the flight envelope and up to 45,000 feet using 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). 

Mr. Williams has an interesting career outside of the world of aviation. He is the Chairman and the largest shareholder of Second Sight Medical Products, a neuromodulation company dedicated to curing all forms of blindness. He is also the Chairman and majority shareholder of Ramos Arizpe Manufacturing, a high volume automotive parts machining and manufacturing company. He is also a major investor and member of the board of directors of Nanoprecision Medical, a drug delivery company working in nanotechnology. 

Lastly, Mr. Williams has a movie production company, 4G Vision, whose first film, “The Big Ugly,” made its worldwide debut in theaters in 2020. The cast included Vinnie Jones, Ron Perlman, and Sir Malcolm McDowel. The film has an aviation connection and features one of Mr. Williams ’airplanes with him “acting” as the pilot.