Vice Chairman General Atomics
Dr. Sam B Williams Technology Award
Since 1986, Linden Blue has been Vice Chairman of General Atomics (GA). Primary responsibilities have included development of the fourth-generation EM2 nuclear reactor, and GAs activities at the San Diego Supercomputer Center established by GA in 1985. GA is a high technology company with world leadership in fusion, fission, and reactors. GA also does research and development of sensors for remotely-piloted aircraft for intelligence, and surveillance, reconnaissance, radiation monitoring, high-power electricity, nuclear power for space applications, and advanced composite materials, GA develops and manufactures high-power electromagnetics, high-power lasers, and remotely-piloted aircraft.

Blue also is co-founder of Cordillera Corporation of Denver, with assets in real estate, gas utilities, and oil and gas production. He was President and CEO of Beech Aircraft Corporation and a Director of Raytheon Company; CEO of Lear Fan Limited; COO of Gates Learjet Corporation, and head of Strategic Planning. He is CEO of Spectrum Aeronautical, developing high technology jets.

Other activities past and present include: Board of Overseers, Center for Naval Analysis; Trustee and Executive Committee, Hudson Institute; Board Member and Past President, Green Foundation (geophysics and planetary physics); National Parks Foundation board; General Aviation Manufacturers Association; Center for Naval Analysis; Sanford Burnham, Prebys Institute; UCSD Foundation; Chairman of the Board, Jobs for San Diegos Graduates; Chairman Emeritus Deans Advisory Board, Schools of Engineering (UCSD), Deans Advisory Committee Natural Sciences UCSD, Jobs for Americas Graduates; Board of Advisors, UCSD Connect; Member, U.S. Ski Team Committee; Councilman-at-Large, City of Denver; Denver Planning Board; Board, Denver Symphony; President, American Council of Young Political Leaders; and Board, Business and Industry Political Action Committee.

Earlier, Mr. Blue served in the U.S. Air Force and was a partner in a 4,000-acre cacao and banana plantation in Nicaragua. While an undergraduate he was a correspondent for the Yale Aerial Expedition to South America.

He graduated from Yale University in 1958.  He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science by South Dakota University Mines and Technology.   He is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program, Harvard Business School.